Ordering Flowers

Flowers are one of the most popular and symbolic social gifts. Spouses and significant others expect them. Parents and coworkers appreciate them. Important social events demand them. Valentine's Day chocolates go hand in hand with roses. A get well card is incomplete without the accompanying plant. A bride's bouquet gets almost as much photo time as the groom. However, while flowers are always appropriate, choosing the specific bouquet requires some thought.

Choosing the right bouquet for the right person and situation can be difficult. For example, it is traditional to buy an actor or actress flowers for after the performance. The bouquet appropriate for an off-Broadway starlet's debut and the bouquet appropriate for your six-year-old nephew's first school play will be quite different. Our articles will provide guidelines about an appropriate selection of flowers for your grandmother's birthday as well as your coworker's son's graduation.

Online flowers are the new rage. With high-def photos, you can choose from a far wider selection than that shown in the local florist's case. You can also send flowers anywhere and see the actual bouquet, rather than placing blind faith in a local florist whose work you have never seen. But how do you choose an online florist who will deliver a beautiful bouquet worthy of the recipient without costing you an exorbitant price? We have compiled a list of reputable florists as well as traits to look for in a reputable online flower supplier.


One of the best parts of purchasing flowers online is the price comparison option and the online deals. While a good deal is always a plus, how can you know you will get a good bouquet at a bargain price, rather than a cut-rate bouquet at its actual market worth? If you know of reputable online sellers, how can you be sure you are getting the best possible deals on their wares? We have researched the best discount flower sites, the best flower coupon sites, and the best strategies for ordering gorgeous floral arrangements on a budget.

Online florists also make bulk purchases far cheaper. Wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, dinner parties, open houses, and countless other social occasions call for multiple flower arrangements and centerpieces. A professional local florist with a limited shop staff will charge far more due to labor and retail markup for the flowers. However, an internet-based warehouse team with dozens of florists on staff and access to bulk purchases can cut costs tremendously. Our wedding articles address online bulk purchasing ideas.

While flowers always send an important message, funeral and condolence bouquets are particularly sensitive topics. The arrangement is meant to cheer and console loved ones while simultaneously acknowledging their loss. (The apology bouquet is a similarly difficult choice.) This is a very delicate line to walk; fortunately, we have a guide for bouquets appropriate for those more sensitive situations.

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By choosing an appropriate flower arrangement , you can brighten someone's week or commemorate an occasion. By choosing an appropriate flower arrangement from a reputable online retailer, you can also save money and time without sacrificing quality. Our guides will help inform you on making smart online flower purchases.