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Buying flowers online can be confusing. Those accustomed to shopping in brick-and-mortar florist stores may find the inability to see, smell, and touch the bouquets quite disconcerting. Other shoppers may wonder how to get the best deals on roses or other flowers. Some buyers may be put off by the lack of a real clerk or florist to provide guidance on appropriate bouquets for specific people or specific occasions.

However, most -- if not all -- of these dilemmas are actually easier to solve online. We cover the first question of the relative freshness of online bouquets in depth. As a general rule though, the freshness of online bouquets varies by retailer, but the major online florists will produce flowers as fresh or fresher than local florists. This is due to simple supply and demand. A small, local florist cannot afford to re-stock every day. Rather, they keep flowers until the end of the blooms' salable lives and replace the wilted blossoms once they are beyond purchase. A mega florist, though, moves enough bouquets to make it cost effective to buy in bigger, more frequent lots on a very set schedule. Since the online mega florist's operation is so large, they can get deep discounts on their purchases from floral suppliers. The online florist will get rid of any remaining flowers when the new lot comes in. Due to the decreased price and increased sales, this remains cost effective. For the customer, this means that you are going to get fresh, new flowers rather than old, wilted ones.

Our blog entries will offer you guidelines, rather than links to specific bouquets or retailers. We expect you to shop around for the best prices, which will take you to a variety of sites. Our advice will help you determine which websites will give you the best product and value as well as help you sort through the site's bouquet selection to find the right flowers.

The following blog entries will answer questions and explain popular topics in-depth. We cover how to find the pretties, freshest and cheapest roses online. We cover when to call a local florist versus when to use an e-florist instead. We explain how to price shop and make sure you are getting the best flowers for your money. We discuss how to choose a reputable online florist, so you can rest assured that you will always get a quality bouquet. We even explain how to create a bouquet that looks insanely expensive and luxurious, using only wholesale flowers, a scrap of ribbon and some cellophane.

Once you have mastered the basics of identifying good quality bouquets and figuring out which flowers suit your gift recipient, we will walk you through a visit to your local florist. While a brick and mortar store does not allow the same instant price comparisons as an online shop, the personal service, advice, lack of shipping costs, can make up for the inconvenience. (Plus, there is no better solution to the common problem of suddenly remember that your anniversary is tonight and you forgot to order roses!)

Flowers offer an excellent way to say the things we mean but for which we cannot find the words. Anyone knows what a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates symbolizes, even if you cannot write a sonnet to properly express your love. Anyone will appreciate the heartfelt sentiment behind an appreciation bouquet, even if all you can say is "Thank you." Our blog entries are aimed at helping you convey the right message, even when words fall short.

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