Discount Flowers

There are innumerable benefits to the online flower industry. It is now possible to compare literally hundreds of bouquets side by side. You can evaluate and swap out flowers to create the perfect custom bouquet. You can send flowers and gifts anywhere in the world from one website. You can get gift and bouquet advice while shopping. While all of that is wonderful, the best part of online flower shops by far is the price advantage. You can get extremely good deals on high quality flowers, if you know how to look.

But are the flowers still fresh?

As always, the question of the relative freshness of online flowers is not absolute. The freshness and quality of the plants depends on the overall excellence of the e-florist. If the original bouquet was shoddy, the discounted version will not be any better.

Any time you buy plants on the internet, it is wise to run an internet search for reviews of the site. If you find that most customers had positive experiences, the site is probably reputable. If the site is reputable, you have excellent chances of getting a beautiful bouquet. However, if the site is getting consistently poor reviews, or if people are complaining that the discounted plants are truly awful, try a different e-florist.

Why are the flowers so heavily discounted if nothing is wrong with them?

This is a matter of supply and demand. The online mega florists get regular, scheduled shipments from growers and flower warehouses, which replenishes the florist's warehouse stock. Since the large online florists target such a huge audience, they usually move their stock out fairly quickly. However, if they have a slow week or over-order certain flowers, they need to get rid of excess flowers before the flowers wilt.

Think of a pastry shop or bakery. Bread, like flowers, has a certain salable period. While it is best if bought right out of the oven, it is still perfectly fresh by the end of the day. Flowers are the same way. They are freshest when newly cut, but they remain beautiful and vibrant for a long time. The online florist's discount sale is much like the typical end-of-day discounts at a bakery; it is the shop's way of getting rid of perfectly good product that needs to go before the next day's new product is brought in.

How do I find good deals from a reputable online florist?

An internet search is the best way to go about finding these discounts. Most of the major online producers, such as and the like, do have deep discount pages and hidden coupon codes. Some florists make them hard to find, though. If you have an online florist you like, do an internet search on "florist's name" and "discount" or "coupon" and see if you can find a hidden discount page.

Searching for "discount flowers" and "your town name" or post code can turn up local brick and mortar flower shops that are discounting merchandise. This is particularly effective after major holidays involving bouquets, such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. The changing of seasons and the early summer period when graduations are frequent is also a good time to check for sales. The florists will need to get rid of potted plants and keep a rotating display of stock on the shelves, which can lead to lower prices to help quickly move bouquets.