Graduation Flowers

A bouquet or floral arrangement is a lovely way to congratulate a graduating student. By asking a few questions, you can narrow down your flower choices, allowing you to choose the perfect flower arrangement for your graduate.

1. What colors or flowers does the graduate like?

If you know that the recipient has a particular favorite flower or color, choosing a bouquet expressing that preference is a wise move. If you do not know the graduate well enough to guess at a preference, try asking his or her parents or friends for advice. Barring that, blue flowers are a gender neutral, popular bouquet color.

Another approach is to tailor the bouquet to the colors of the graduate's past or future schools. Look into finding a bouquet that reflects school colors. If he or she just graduated from a school with school colors of blue and gold, a bouquet of irises and daffodils is a nod to the graduate's alma mater. Alternatively, if the graduate is going on to a different form of education, such as college, grad school, or a Ph.D, you can choose colors based on their new school.

2. When will the graduate receive the flowers?

If you are attending the ceremony and will be handing the flowers to the graduate immediately afterwards, you want to bring a bouquet, rather than a full floral arrangement. Bouquets are more portable and do not need to remain straight vertical in order to avoid spilling the water from the vase. Additionally, a vase may get broken in the crush of the crowd. A bouquet is far more versatile and can survive sitting under your chair as you wait for the ceremony to end.

If you are sending flowers to the graduate's home, you can choose a potted or vase-based flower arrangement. Depending on the number of bouquets the graduate receives, a flower arrangement that comes with its own vase may be even more convenient; a popular graduate with a large number of family members sending bouquets may soon run out of vases!

A small potted plant is another nice idea. Whereas a bouquet will only last a few weeks, a potted plant can live for years. If the graduate is heading off to get their own apartment, live in a college dorm room, or start a new job after graduation, a plant will help brighten up living and working conditions and will remind them of you as they start their new schooling or career.

3. Where will you find the flowers?

If you are attending the ceremony yourself, a local florist is the most logical solution. If you are sending the bouquet, you can either do an internet search for local florists and read up on reviews to be sure they are reputable, or you can order from an online florist site.

The benefit of ordering online is that you can see the bouquet before purchasing, rather than trusting an unknown florist to put together a quality arrangement. Online flower sites also offer a wide selection of alternative gifts, if you wish to include balloons or candy along with your flowers.