UK Flower Sites

The UK is in the interesting position of being part of the international flower market while still maintaining its own unique national online presence. Many of the North American flower companies will deliver to the UK, including,, and However, the UK has its own selection of bouquet delivery and bulk flower sites.

Despite its single-species name, offers a wide variety of floral species. More importantly, the site allows you to narrow your bouquet search by categorizing bouquets by flower variety for the more popular species. also allows the purchaser to upgrade the bouquet to a medium or large size and the site provides a picture of the new arrangement. One of's more unique features is the single rose option, in which the recipient will get a single, extra-perfect rose in a ribbon-adorned gift box. This is an intriguing twist on the usual rose bouquet and would make a wonderful gift for a first date token or a surprise to leave on someone's desk.

One of the most baffling aspects of selecting a bouquet is determining what type of flower is appropriate or appealing for a specific occasion. offers a selection of bouquets grouped by holiday or occasion, ranging from Mother's Day to the "I'm Sorry" section. The site also offers hampers and non-floral gifts, as well as the extremely helpful "Gifts under 20" section for the cost-conscious. While the type of bouquet will vary by time period, offers weekly discounts on certain arrangements, making those bouquets far more affordable. also boasts a wedding section; they will work with the bride to order flowers in bulk. The site also provides a handy list of which flowers they can reliably get in bulk, broken down by month. The flowers will arrive unarranged. However, for simple bouquets, this option provides a great cost reduction.'s dozen red rose bouquet is 24.50.

FlowersDirect offers a wide selection of bouquets, organized by flower type, occasion, and dominant color. This last option is particularly useful in ordering a bouquet if you do not know the recipient's preferred types of flowers -- picking a bouquet in his or her favorite color is a very safe decision. Some, but not all, of the arrangements offer the option to upgrade to a larger bouquet. The site does not provide an updated photo of the enlarged floral arrangement. Buyers should also note whether their bouquet comes with a vase or not.

For those who do not enjoy cut flowers, FlowersDirect also offer s a selection of potted plants, including orchids. The site also has a "Gifts" section with wines, champagnes, chocolates and hampers. While FlowersDirect does have a wedding section, it only covers bouquets in limited colors. The bridal bouquet option is only offered in ivory and shell pink roses.

FlowersDirect does not offer the standard dozen long stemmed roses. They do offer a dozen red roses with eucalyptus leaves for 38.50 or 20 long stemmed roses for 31.99. is a fantastic bulk flower site. The plants are organized by color and species and are sold at a per stem rate in groups of 20. (This means that if you need 35 roses, you have to buy 40 individual "stems," or two 20 stem lots.) Predictably, the wedding section is quite well done; be sure to check out the gallery of bridal arrangements submitted by customers. will not arrange the plants. However, for simple arrangements or for someone who understands the basics of arranging flowers, this is a very economical solution.'s red roses range in price from 0.67 per stem (13.40 for 20) to 2.04 per stem for rare spray roses (40.80 per lot).